This page is about sharing DIY projects and topics targeting woodworking, general home improvement and electronics.


Founder of sharenicethings

My Name is Daniel. I am an DIY tech enthusiast and I do any tech thing upcoming in my life by my self. 

Obviously I am very passionate when it comes to technical aspects. Even if my profession is electronic and software engineering it really doesn't matter whether it's electronics, woodworking, home improvement or just finding practical solutions in the spur of the moment.

I realized that especially woodworking puts me into a peaceful state of mind - creating something out of 'nothing' is really fulfilling.

I have a strong technical background and a long history dealing with technical challenges in my jobs or just around my life which I really have loved to overcome and at some point I thought it could be great to 'share nice things' with you guys.


I am presenting my DIY projects provided by video tutorials, documentations and construction plans. I am also sharing my workshop and jigs which I have found working out great for me. Other I have a Tools section where I share my experiences and tool reviews and useful modifications of some tools to engage better performance or handling. 


I hope my DIY projects will encourage or inspire you for your own DIY projects - doing things by yourself enables you leaving any limitations behind you. It's just awesome.


Always feel free to contact me in any matter.


Just do it in your own special way without any limitations. The result will look and fit as you like it to be.

Creating or just doing things by yourself can be very fulfilling. It's a great thing to have tech power by yourself.


Making videos is a very convenient way sharing video tutorials and techniques to inspire you for your own DIY projects.

Watch my Youtube Channel and stay tuned, I have a lot of upcoming projects to be released.


I try to provide free pdf construction plans for every upcoming building project I release. Just have a look in the project pages. Still not all projects have plans provided but I am working on it.