Sketchup 3D Construction Tutorial

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Every project begins with an idea which turns into a plan. Having a plan is essential on any reasonable project.

Using Google Sketchup is a great (and for non commercials free) way to create 3D plans. To succeed with Sketchup you must understand several basics of this software for getting used to it.

As I also had a rough start with this software (but succeeded in the end) I thought it could help other people to have a simple introduction for the most common use case you are going to be confronted with - especially as a woodworker.

I have used one of my projects as showcase in which nearly all common use cases can be found.

I am starting with a quick setup which is crucial for further success. All other topics are listed in a TOC to jump to the according time line:


Table of contents:

copy & move ---------------------> 5:41 and 6:24

proper alignment ----------------> 6:05 and 7:21 and 14:48

easy batch multiplying trick ----> 11:13 and 16:25 and 19:42

mirroring -------------------------> 12:22

using angles ----------------------> 18:05 and 22:46

doing inclined planes ------------> 20:31

using guide lines & points -------> 26:16

drawing dimensions --------------> 28:56 and 41:44

using layers ------------------------> 29:46

absolute positioning --------------> 33:34

(absolute coordinates)

adding a scale figure --------------> 43:01


Used Tools: a PC or Mac

Difficulty: Appropriate for all beginners


Hope you like it, I really would appreciate if you leave me a comment below or give me a thumbs up in the video above.


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