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Another major thing for everyone's workshop is an efficient dust collection system. Getting rid of the dust and keeping it out of your lungs especially for a small shop - this is a crucial thing to have.


My focus/requirements:

  • pretty good results on a preferable low budget
  • vac auto start when tool is turned on
  • 100% filter function (belief it or not :-) )
  • connectivity to all my tools

I started out with one kärcher shop vac. It has very important features like automatic remote power on/off with an integrated power plug for any tools which detects if the tool ist turned on and off. It's is very important to have this feature. Another really good thing is that this vac has an air output port. This can be really a major feature. It makes it possible to connect a hose and lead it out of your shop. This means you have a filter effect without any loss or in other words in your shop you don't have to worry about any filter efficiencies - the dust which will get sucked off won't affect you any more. This is really awesome especially for people who have issues with their lungs. A possible alternative to that would be to keep the shop vac out of your shop and only have the suction hose indoors.

Connected to a cyclone dust collector this shop vac does a really good job with these features.


Boosting the suction power was the next thing to do.

This model has about of 35mm hose diameter which is designed to have a strong suction paying it by a low volume flow. I think the reason for this that the vac is a dry and wet vac and to suck water you have to have strong suction.

I discovered that I can connect a 50mm pvc pipe on the dust inlet port of the vac without having big things to change.

I just had to cut off the hose from the attached pvc pipe which connects to the vac. This way I could use a 50 mm hose which is a great size of diameter for most applications.

The vac easily manages suction on a 50mm hose which results in an impressive air volume performance. It even is enough to connect it to my table saw. That's just Awesome.

After that double the power one more time.

On applications where two independent suction spots are reasonable like on a table saw (see video) or a table router it is a nice thing not to share the power of one vac so I bought another one (60 bugs for a additional vac is pretty tolerable).


So my current dust collection system setup consists of 2 discrete shop vacs with both having 50mm hoses attached and both having a dust separator provided. This setup fulfills all my requirements on any tool I use.


Hope you like it, I really would appreciate if you leave me a comment below or give me a thumbs up in the video above.

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    Angelo (Friday, 25 December 2020 23:15)

    Great job. Bye from Angelo Italy