Track Saw Jig

My first saw I have bought was a track saw, the Festool TS55. So before I got a table saw, I had to cut all lumber by my track saw and I often had been faced with cutting a small strip out of a narrow board.

This is hardly possible with the track saw with its pretty broad rail guide which is about to tip over if the underlying board is to narrow.

So I have thought about how to use my workbench as work piece extension so I could use the rail guide without any issues.

 I have built two extension boards each supported by a wooden angle.

To attach the extensions at the workbench I have inserted a C profile in which bolts (mounted at the bench) are running. So the extensions can be adjusted in their height according to thicknesses of workpieces which have to be cut. The top of the workpiece then flushes with the workbench top which makes it easy to use a track saw.

This jig is also useful if you have tall boards which do not fit in your workshop using a table saw (you need two times the workpiec length - before and after the saw blade).


Used Tools: Makita compound miter Saw, Makita compact router, drill

Difficulty: Appropriate for all beginners


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Hope to have one soon :)

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