About myself

Hello my name is Daniel.

As you may already have mentioned I am a DIY tech guy who loves to overcome any upcoming technical challenge in life.

I have a vast DIY history since I have had the sense for handling things by my self - dealing with tech is major to me. Thus I developed my passion to my profession of developing software and electronics.

For the rest, I am a 1980 guy who visited a technical high school before attending a University of Applied Sciences from which I graduated with an Engineer's Diploma degree.

Because ever since I have had huge interests in cars and its technology I have been employed at a supplier for two years then switched to a German premium OEM car maker for almost 7 years.

I have two amazing kids and one amazing wife (her name is 'boss' :)).

In my spare time I like doing land kiting with my kids, enjoying nature and its silence, making gelato, money education and spending my time in Sardegna a beautiful island in the Mediterranean sea.


Always feel free to contact me in any matter. I am looking forward to hearing from you.