Table saw Makita 2704

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The Makita 2704 is a table saw with good value for money. This is what I have to tell in first place.

If you are looking for table saws for more than just cutting some rough lumber at loose angles, you will find that you will have to spend a pile of money. Finding a table saw having the qualities for building good furnitures below 1000€ seemed to be impossible - and is widely spread to be impossible.

I have used the Makita 2704 table saw now for building several furnitures and I can tell this saw is awesome:

A solid and an adjustable fence - this is what you need on a great table saw - and this is what you get with the Makita 2704.



  • Table size with sub table right and back included Length 665 to 1045mm, Width 753 to 1066mm
  • Cutting angle at 90 degrees 93mm
  • Cutting angle at 45 degrees 64mm
  • Angle settings -0.5 degrees to 45.5 degrees
  • TCT blade diameter 260mm
  • Bore diameter 30mm

Note: There are small differences between the EU and non EU versions.


Dust extraction

The 2704 has a 60mm dust port. When using the blade cover while cutting, the saw overall does a good job when attached to a shop vac.

However, I wanted to improve the dust handling for the 2704. To achieve this I went for different approaches with measuring the collected dust by my dust collection system. Watch my dust collection improvement video here

With these modifications I am very satisfied with the dust extraction qualities of the 2407.





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