Makita LS1018 Dust extraction Mod

I have built several jigs or housings for improving the dust extraction for this saw. On youtube you can watch several solutions, those doing a good job are 

using a pretty huge suction hood having a monster vac connected for a high volume performance.

Since I had no monster shop vac (see my pretty efficient an affordable dust collection setup here) and also no room for a big suction hood, I decided to build a light wighted but efficient solution.

Catching the dust closest to its origin is always the preferable idea. I have used 40mm pvc pipes with an 40 to 80mm adaptor as inlet. This setup made it possible to retain almost full maneuverability for bevel and miter cuts.


This solution focuses on the Makita LS1018 but maybe you could adapt something for your own saw.



Hope you like it :-)


have a look at AMAZON (US, UK, DE)

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