Candy Catapult for Kids

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When I was a little kid I had been invited to a friends birthday party where I saw such a kind of fancy candy catapult for the first time. It had been a great fun for all the kids thus I decided to build my own version for my kids and their parties or other events.


My requirements for this catapult:

- very durable

- suited for outdoors

- using scrap pieces


This project was just about building a working toy out of scrap pieces, so I just tried it out without having any plans.

I am providing the dimensions in the picture gallery so you get get a rough idea about the build.


Used Tools: MAkita Compound Miter saw LS1018l.

Difficulty: Appropriate for all beginners


Hope you like it, I really would appreciate if you leave me a comment below or give me a thumbs up in the video above.


Get Plan with all Dimensions

Get plan @ my PLAN SECTION (Click)

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    Jennie (Thursday, 29 October 2020 21:03)

    My son found this and is obsessed with trying to build it! It is so cool!! I'm trying to find the plans with all dimensions. Are your plans just in the snapshots? I'm trying to help my son build this and we use inches mostly as measurements. One of your dimensions is 500... that would be 196 inches! So are you going between millimeters and centimeters? I appreciate any specific plans you can share. Thank you so much!

  • #2

    Daniel (Wednesday, 03 March 2021 10:44)

    Hi Jennie,
    Thanks for your comment, I finally made it to create a construction plan, just check out my plans section. Have fun.

    Cheers Daniel