Kitchen cabinet

I had the need to extend my storage room for my kitchen, so I had to build this kitchen cabinet.

I had the following requirements:

  • full sized drawers
  • loadable drawers
  • one drawer capable of holding my complete tableware
  • adjustable pvc stands
  • reliable corpus

I built this cabinet out of 18mm beech glued panel boards by a width of 500mm which are really heavy and stable.

For the joints I used again my biscuit joiner which allows to do precisely joints which is very important for the corpus to have no issues when mounting the drawers.

I also have built the drawers out of the same wood. Again the biscuits do a great job here.

I constructed the drawers the way that they flush with the corpus on the front to later attach a drawer front panel. Since we are planing to build a complete new kitchen I left out the fronts since we haven’t decided for the final design.

The challenge on this project were to keep on track for the small tolerances which are allowed for the drawers.

For this cabinet because it has full sized drawers you have to keep in mind that if the drawers are heavily loaded and then pulled out, the complete cabinet will fall over. To avoid this  mounted it to the wall at the left side. One screw did the job here.  

We have used this cabinet now for over two years on a daily heavy use and I can tell it does a great job. All drawers work like they were new ones.

Difficulty level: beginner to intermediate

Used Tools: Track saw Festool TS55, Makita compact router, Makita biscuit joiner, Drill


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Build Snapshots

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