cyclone dust collector

Dust separation is another important essential for a reasonable workshop.

This was my first dust separator and still the best and efficient one for me.

I had to build it when I started using my table router which produces a large amount of dust and chipping.

It consist of a 300mm pvc pipe (orange color) with a tangential inlet. I used a 40mm (50 would have been better) pvc pipe as inlet port with a housing for proper stability and mounting feasibilities. The lid and the bottom adaptor to the 80 liter (about 81 gallons) barrel are made by use of a router circle. The size of the barrel seems to be the perfect size for the right function and a real large capacity which allows to have large clearing intervals.

The efficiency will get worse at about 40% of fill level which is about 32 liter.


Used Tools: Makita compound miter Saw, Makita compact router with router circle jig, drill, hole saw, 

Difficulty: Appropriate for all beginners


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