smartphone and Tablet stand

This kind of smartphone stand is widely spread over the internet. I found it pretty interesting to do another DIY project out of it.

My focus on this project was to find an effective way to build multiple stands in batches, maybe to sell it or give it away to several friends.

The stand provides the following features:

  • enough space for currently large Phones like the iPhone Plus series
  • charging the phone while it is parked
  • charging cable not directly visible from the front
  • also capable of holding a Tablet e.g. for an extended monitor for you MacBook or just for watching a movie
  • further capabilities for holding different things like a watch, bracelets, earrings and so on

For building the template, I have used a 9 mm textured coated board which is durable enough to stand multiple template routings. The template build is a bit tricky at some points because I use only one piece of template for the vertical and horizontal part of the smartphone stand. Further you have to find the exact width and length for the rectangular notches to get a perfect fitting of the both parts when you join them together. For building the template I used my table saw, jig saw , a hole saw and a drill press of course. If you do your template well the rest will be history :).


For the stand itself, I used a 18mm Beech glued panels board and cut it into two pieces with the right dimensions. Then I have fixed the template by double-sided tape to use a 12mm groove cutter on a 16mm guide bush with my Makita compact router. The combination of the dimensions of the groove cutter and the guid bushing results in a diameter which is 4mm less than the original diameter.

I think the template build could be a bit challenging to get a perfect fitting of the two parts, but I think it is manageable. Doing the routing using the finished template is easy of course, overall I would suggest this DIY project is suitable for an intermediate.

For the dimensions, just check below for downloading the construction plans as pdf files.

Hope you like it, I really would appreciate if you leave me a comment below.

Build Snapshots

Watch the complete Build on  my channel



Hope to have one soon :)

Get Plan with all Dimensions



 Get plan @ my PLAN SECTION (Click)

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    Syrym (Tuesday, 23 April 2019 04:29)

    Share the dimensions, please.
    If you don't like to share it in web, send to my email:

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    Daniel (Thursday, 04 February 2021 13:55)

    I just provided the plan in my plan section. Have fun, cheers.