My kids needed a storage for their books beside their beds because they both are reading rats and they always had put their books on the floor when they finished reading in their beds before going to sleep. Thus I build a simple but effective book shelf with rounded corners. I call it effective since it has four sides on which books can be leaned against. Nothing worse than books flipping over.


  • providing support from different sides
  • having rounded corners to prevent injuries

I used a Paulownia glued panels board on which I wanted to give a try. This kind of wood is pretty light weighted and but very stable.

For the rounded corners I used a cutting board as template with my compact router. 

The vertical panels are a bit smaller than the top and bottom just for the visual effect.

As always I did the joinery by biscuit joins which works so flawless and fast.

Then I rounded all corners with my compact router. The hooks for the wall are routed into the back of the vertical panels so that the shelf flushes with the wall it’s hanging on.

For the surface treatment I used again Osmo Top Oil an transparent oil wax combination which gives a really nice look.


Used Tools: compound miter saw Makita LS1018L, Makita compact router and the Makita biscuit joiner.

Difficulty: Appropriate fo beginners


Hope you like it, I really would appreciate if you leave me a comment below.

Build Snapshots

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