Misc related Projects

This section contains all DIY related projects which do not suit to the other categories.

Sketchup 3d Construction tutorial

Every project begins with an idea which turns into a plan. Having a plan is essential on any reasonable project.

Using Google Sketchup is a great (and for non commercials free) way to create 3D plans. To succeed with Sketchup you must understand several basics of this software for getting used to it.

As I also had a rough start with this software (but succeeded in the end) I thought it could help other people to have a simple introduction for the most common use cases one is going to be confronted with - especially as a woodworker.

Click here for detailed page (watch my tutorial video)

WOOD shelter

I have had the need to store firewood for my oven. I had used my oven for heating my entire house (about 200 square meters) so I needed about 6-7 cubic meter cut firewood for one whole year.


My requirements for the wood shelter had been:

- enough space for whole year with strong conditions

- two separate chambers to allow a first-in-first-out

- pretty stable and durable


Click here for detailed project page (build snapshots, description and plans).

Candy Catapult for Kids

When I was a little kid I had been invited to a friends birthday party where I saw such a kind of fancy candy catapult for the first time. It had been a great fun for all the kids thus I decided to build my own version for my kids and their parties or other events.

My requirements for this catapult:

- very durable

- suited for outdoors

- using scrap pieces

Click here for detailed project page (build video, build snapshots, description and plans).

garden shed

I had the need for a garden shed, a shelter for all my garden tools and my lawnmower. Actually I was on the way to buy one but it turned out that there was none at my desired size nor for are payable price. So I got to build one by my self :).

My requirements:

- special size to fit in my small garden

- Easy to assemble/disassemble to move it

- durable wood

- easy to build

- all on a reasonable budget

Click here for detailed project page (build snapshots, description and plans).


Doing a woodworking project with kids can be of big fun. Building and creating something is also for kids a great thing. This is a really simple woodworking project which is even suitable for smaller kids. There are just some holes to be drilled and sticks to be cut.

For my kids it was great fun doing this project and especially using it afterwards.

Halma is a strategy board game invented in 1883 and is playable for any age class.

Click here for detailed project page (build snapshots, description).