Key Cabinet

Building a key cabinet can be a nice exercise for larger furniture projects. I have had the need for a location where I could store all my thousands of keys for a very long time - one location for all keys at a spot which is not visible for everyone visiting me at my house.

Features for this DIY key cabinet:

  • keeping a large amount of 48 keys
  • a relatively thin carcass to have the option to mount it behind a door or else
  • practicing doing tongue and tensions by a router only

The door is built with raised panels with a frame made with tongue and tension. I found it pretty interesting of making the tongue and tensions by the table router, because you could do them in batch which is very time saving. Today I have a special router bit set which is made for joining frame pieces.

The carcass has decent angles at the top and bottom. I joined the whole frame pieces by use of my Makita Biscuit Joiner. I made the whole key cabinet by my track saw Festool TS55 because I had no other saw at that moment. Especially for cutting small strips with the track saw I have built a jig to master this challenge more easily.

The most challenging part for me was to make the notches for the door hinge. I made them with the compact router but I have had no starting and end delimiter thus my notches got a bit inaccurate, but next time I know better :)


Difficulty level: beginner to intermediate

Used Tools: Track saw Festool TS55, Makita compact router, Makita biscuit joiner


Hope you like it, I really would appreciate if you leave me a comment below.

Build Snapshots

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