Garden SHED

I had the need for a garden shed, a shelter for all my garden tools and my lawnmower. Actually I was on the way to buy one but it turned out that there was none at my desired size nor for are payable price. So I got to build one by my self :).


My requirements:

- special size to fit in my small garden

- Easy to assemble/disassemble to move it

- durable wood

- easy to build

- all on a reasonable budget


I used Douglas spruce for the walls which is a pretty durable wood and for the frame constructions I have used simple spruce timber. I have begun with the frame construction where I used biscuit joins - it had worked out but pocket holes would have been the quicker and better option. For clamping the frames I used a tension belt which has worked out great (see thumbnails). Then I screwed all boards on it to have four single walls which had to be joined together. The door has only two massive bars normally you would have to mount an additional diagonal bar to avoid deforming of the door. But it has successfully worked out the last three years without it ...

For the corners I have used four solid bars at which two walls are mounted on each, so these were connectors between two walls.

For the floor and the roof I used have screwed boards on some bars. The floor is free floating which means in is independent of the walls and can be taken out separately. The roof is simply mounted with brackets to the frames of the walls. It has a bitumen felt as protection against the rain.


Used Tools: Makita  Compound Miter Saw, Drill

Difficulty: Appropriate for all beginners

Wood Type: Douglas spruce

actual construction time: about four days

costs overall: about 250 €


Hope you like it, I really would appreciate if you leave me a comment below.



Build Snapshots

Watch the complete Build on  my channel



Hope to have one soon :)

Get Plan with all Dimensions


Hope to have some soon :)

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