My workbench and router table


The base of your workshop. Your whole workflow are depending on your workbench.


My focus/requirements:

  • versatile workbench
  • very stable
  • fast to build
  • preferable low budget
  • exchangeable top

Since at build times I had pretty less time to build an extravagant workbench, thus I decided to use an old office desk with a pretty solid foundation. I 'only' had to build the table top and adapt it to the substructure. By the way this saved me buying much lumber to get an even stable construction and also saved a lot of time.

In case my bench top has to get exchanged due to abrasion it simply is to get unfixed by loosen several screws on the top and replace it with the new one. The overall height is fitted to my size.


Due to lack of space in my shop, I also use the workbench as router table so I used an inlay plate to attach my router on. This enables me to shape also larger workpieces due to the large table support. For the Table Router I use the Triton TRA001 router on which I am very satisfied with.

In combination with the Kreg plate I can adjust it from the top of my bench without doing anything below the bench top which is an essential great thing. The TRA001 has an built-in dust port which helps a lot. In combination with the dust extraction of the fence I have built, this system works pretty well.

I also mounted two rails for the router fence to adjust it and fix it in the right position.


The rest of the tabletop has 20mm holes for bench clamps which makes clamping very convinient. I used the Makita compact router to drill all holes.


Used Tools: track saw Festool TS55, Makita compact router, drill

Difficulty: appropriate for all beginners


Hope you like it, I really would appreciate if you leave me a comment below.

Build Snapshots

Watch the complete Build on  my channel



Hope to have one soon :)

Get Plan with all Dimensions



Hope to have one soon :)

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    Elizabeth (Sunday, 10 January 2021 18:33)

    Plan please looks cool

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