My Workshop and JIGS projects

The workshop - center of creativity.

It is a surrounding giving you peace and time to relax when building great and awesome furnitures.


Lumber storge cart

An essential for every workshop!

Since my workshop and even other rooms were cluttered with lumber pieces I decided to build this organizer to have all pieces at a one site and organized by lumber size.

My focus on this project:

- Large vertical support and plenty of space

- avoid bending of stored lumber which often occured as result of leaning against a wall. Click here for detailed project page (build video, build snapshots, description and plans).

cyclone dust collector

Dust separation is another important essential in every workshop - even in a small one. A cyclone dust collector is a pretty efficient way to do this. My built is pretty efficient, you won't hardly find any dust in your shop vac. I use this separator together with all my hand tools and also for my table saw.

Click here for detailed project page (build snapshots, description and plans).

efficient dust collection system

Another major thing for everyone's workshop is an efficient dust collection system. Getting rid of the dust and keeping it out of your lungs especially for a small shop - this is a crucial thing to have.

My focus/requirements:

  • pretty good results on a preferable low budget
  • vac auto start when tool is turned on
  • 100% filter function (belief it or not :-) )
  • connectivity to all my tools

Also connected to my table saw, the results are great.

 Click here for detailed project page (video, build snapshots, description)

Track Saw Jig

My first saw I have bought was a track saw, the Festool TS55. So before I got a table saw, I had to cut all lumber by my track saw and I often had been faced with cutting a small strip out of a narrow board.

This is hardly possible with the track saw with its pretty broad rail guide which is about to tip over if the underlying board is to narrow.

So I have thought about how to use my workbench as work piece extension so I could use the rail guide without any issues.

 Click here for detailed project page (build snapshots, description and plans)

My Workbench and router table

The base of your workshop. Your whole workflow is depending on your workbench. Easily enhance it for a router table.

My focus/requirements:

- versatile workbench
- very stable
- fast to build
- preferable low budget
- exchangeable top

 Click here for detailed project page (build snapshots, description and plans)

hand router dust collection

 This Jig is a 2in1. First, it is a fence for a mobile router, this is useful when using router bits without ball bearings on larger work pieces. Another feature is the dust collection function which works awesome if you are rounding edges for example. If you ever have shaped edges by a router you may have noticed the mess which is emerged. 

 Click here for detailed project page (build snapshots, description and plans)

Router circle jig

The moment will absolutely certain show up when you are going to have the need for a router circle.

There are many use cases where you can use one. You won't use it too often but it's a must have in a workshop. I have used mine for my cyclone dust collector build on which I had to build the adapter from pipe to barrel and the lid for the pvc pipe. 

 Click here for detailed page (snapshots, descriptions)