My Tools and Mods

Tools are crucial besides your own skills to gain great results for your projects.


 In this section I'm showing my tools and sharing my experiences with them in a review and giving some references in which project I have been using them. For some tools I also provide reviews or unboxing videos. 

TAble saw Makita 2704

An awesome table saw with good value for money.

A solid and an adjustable fence - this is what you need on a great table saw - and this is what you get with this saw. But also many other features make this saw a great solid saw even for building furnitures which requires accurate tools. I am totally impressed...

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Festool TS55 Track saw

This (professional) track or plunge saw ever since has been my all-time favorite Tool when it comes to precision, accuracy and versatility on a awesome value for money.

When I started building furnitures I quickly realized that accuracy is very important to gain great results...

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Compound miter saw MAKITA LS1018L 10"

The Makita LS1018L was my overall first saw I got. I did a lot of comparing between different brands and versions on a good value for money aspect.

In several reviews on this saw, people stated that this saw does perfect cuts and that it has good adjusting options.

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biscuit Plate joiner Makita PJ7000

A biscuit plate joiner is a great joining tool for a plenty of applications. I use it for almost any joining tasks and I love it. It is accurate, easy to handle and very quick.

The main applications for this tool might be to join two single panels to a large one (e.g. for a table plate), cabinet carcasses or for box making.

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Table Router Triton tra001


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Orbital sander Makita BO5041

The finishing process of furnitures is crucial for a perfect result. It takes a lot of time and effort, therefore it is important to have the right tool. I prefer having one versatile tool for sanding which has enough power for larger projects but also suitable for smaller ones. I have found one on a great value for money - the Makita BO5041...

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Drill Driver Bosch GSR 12V



Tool Modifications

Sometimes the tools are great but little modifications on them can do the difference for better handling or behavior.

Table saw dust coll improvement

An efficient dust extraction especially in a small workshop is essential to me in general. But an efficient DC for a table saw however is not as trivial as you might think.

I have elaborated several modifications with comparing and measuring collected dust for getting satisfying results. In the end one simple thing did the trick for great dust extraction results - this works for any table saw. Click here for my detailed page (Story, Watch my video about my mod, snapshots)

If your makita battery won't charge any more...

My Makita Charger refused both of my two batteries which were still not very old or too much used. I decided to disassemble the battery pack and check each cell for its health. I realized that the cells are not the problem...

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The Makita LS1018 is a good saw with huge potential when it comes to dust extraction qualities (as many other chop or miter saws). My workshop always looked like a mess after just a few cuts which was a no go for me. I found out that there is one option which does not limit the movement sequences. Read More ...

KaercheR shop vac MOD


A small but impressively impact with this mod on suction capabilities. With this mod you get a payable solution for your workshop.