Pallet coffee table

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Building furnitures out of (old) pallets has become very popular for DIY projects. Especially a coffee table is the perfect DIY beginners project.

I was stoned when I saw an illuminated pallet coffee table so I had to create my own version with several enhancements.

I think the finished pallet coffee table looks pretty impressive especially in a twilighted environment.

My focus/features for this DIY project:

  • decent LED illumination without power cords
  • Using a power bank as power source 
  • the coffee table should have rollers because of its weight
  • the whole surface should be sealed by an enamel to avoid potential pallet treatments emitting into the living room
  • a divider under the top of the upper pallet to avoid things slipping to deep under the table top

For the build I first had to equal the size and layout for the pallets so that they fit together when joined without overhanging each other.

I have used very old pallets which were partly rotten which was not the best idea. I took a huge effort to repair them (watch my video below). So you should go and look for new ones - they should be payable.

I removed some stands in the middle of the pallets and build a sub construction which carries all pallets. On the cross strut I mounted the LED stripe, its power cord goes through to the top of the lower pallet waiting to be connected to a power bank. I have made profiles by my compact router for the window frames at which I glued milky pvc glass. For further details just watch my video below.

Used Tools: I have used my Festool TS55 track saw, my compound miter saw Makita LS1018L and a drill.

Difficulty: Appropriate for all Beginners

I have no dimensions provided, if you need to know some details you can’t extract out of my build video below, please feel free to contact me.

Hope you like it, I really would appreciate if you leave me a comment below or give me a thumbs up in the video.

Build Snapshots

Get Plan with all Dimensions


I think there is no need for one, if you need further information feel free to contact me for details or leave a comment below.

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